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There’s a problem in Greece ...the titans and their evil spawn are running rampant wreaking havoc throughout Greece, the gates of Olympus have been locked from the outside barring the gods from the outside world thus preventing them from helping. All the heroes have either been locked up in Tartarus or are busy fighting for their lives while saving as many people as they can, unfortunately that’s not enough. The only humans left, lack the potential and courage to fight back or perform heroic deeds, even with the aid of the muses. Seeing that their world is about to be destroyed, the muses risk their lives and use all their magics to pull Bob through time. The last descendent of the gods...

Each muse is in charge of a city, but summoning Bob has left them weak and vulnerable, and they’ve been captured by a myriad of monsters and are being held prisoner, it’s up to Bob to save them all while vanquishing the terrors that plague Greece if he wants to go back home...

Press "E" to interact


Bob - Quest For The Mousai.zip 19 MB
Bob - Quest For The Muses.zip 14 MB

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